About Margo

More about MARGO ROSE FERDERER and the NEWS!!!!!!!

Margo Rose Ferderer is a star reporter at NY2

Bringing you the news you need and some you never thought you needed along with the news you didn't really want but watch anyway!


  • Smart!
  • On top of her game!
  • Enthusiast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Willing to travel. (But not everywhere.)
  • Almost nominated for a DAYTIME EMMY!!!
  • Has wanted to do the news since 4th grade.
  • On your side.
  • On your side of the road.
  • Looking for love.
  • Interested in dynamic engineering. But not that interested.
  • Knows your mother.
  • Has a photo of a very prominent congressman as a baby.
  • Ongoing technology management and support. (No, CANCEL THAT! But I can give you the name of a plumber/handyman.)
  • Willing to help you if you need to talk, but only during business hours. ACTUALLY - could I get back to you about that?

Margo Rose Ferderer's Hours:

  • Mon - Fri: 9:15 AM - 3:25PM
  • Sat: 2PM - 5PM
  • Sun: Closed


No references available at this time due to Mr. Westerly who has totally mislead everyone about me when they called for my references just because one time eight years ago I was cold to someone who will not be mentioned here. (OK, it was Jenny in marketing and you know how she is - a lazy nail biter, totally into reading your horoscope OUTLOUD whether you want her to or not - someone who could just make you so mad you feel like screaming and smashing a full size Slurpee against the wall and then getting a Diet Coke and throwing it on her computer.) When I left a message on the outgoing company voice mail.